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Kellie (The Pauper's Castle)

I just found your blog thru a parenting post on facebook. I admire you! I am getting ready to celebrate my 37th birthday. While I know many women have babies later in life, everyone is telling me to hurry up...you're getting old. Apparently...I'm a spring chicken in your case...not saying you are old, but in relation, it's ok to be almost 40 or 50 and still have a little one. Thank you, you are my new inspiration and you have a new follower. Can't wait to see how this all plays out. I wish you a continued "non dramatic" pregnancy. I am a survivor of severe postpartum preeclampsia so I know that twins and age make you an even higher risk for that. I wish you nothing but the best! :-)


Your story literally brought me to tears. I am just 25 and a mother of twin one year old boys and nothing has ever made me feel more complete than I do having them in my life. I think your experience is a beautiful miracle. Sometimes it's the unexpected happenings in life that send us the most important messages. For myself, having twin boys has been the ultimate gift. I have been given the gift of eternal love through my boys, something that as a girl growing up with many insecurities I never thought I'd be promised. Your story, of course, is different than mine, but everything happens for a reason and you are where you were meant to be. The gift of your twins will constantly reassure of this. Your story is amazing and very inspiring. I wish you all the best.


I just found your blog through a Parents magazine post on Facebook and I was intrigued. I am 37 and have 16 month old twin boys. I don't know what it's like to only have one baby at a time, these are my first two. But I can tell you, I want another pregnancy, possibly two more - and I would love it if I could get twins again each time. They run in my family and I'd always hoped I'd have twins so was on cloud nine when we had our first ultrasound and saw the two beating hearts. What you have in store for you is so beyond exciting. I am happy to help with any questions you might have about how to handle twins, if you need/want advice or input. Feel free to email me ldswims0808@gmail.com

Congratulations to your entire family!!!


I was do delighted and inspired by your story...I am 51 and I am still waiting on my miracle baby...his name (we know it will be a boy) will be John Luis. I am also young for my age and have been taking prenatal vitamins as well as eating healthy and exercising. I am in expectation of what is to come. --Wanda

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