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Devorah Malek

As a close friend of yours who has delivered four pregnancies via C section without the benefit of a midwife or a Doula, I can only say that ultimately if it comes down to that predicament you are going to have to implement several extra elements you have never been forced to have thrust upon you before. Anesthesia~ which I experienced 3 different ways. 1. An epidural for my first child at Mount Sinai. 2.The same at Maimonides for my second. 3.General for my third also at Maimonides. and 4. a spinal for my 4th at LICH.
Since this was my 'way' of giving birth, after my first they got easier and my fear of the unknown truly dissipated! My recoveries got quicker as I trusted that my body could and would heal. I know this sounds hokey, but sometimes I think having a C section is really the easy way out! I myself never experienced labor. My water always broke when my babies reached the 7 pound-ish mark, weather they were early or on time, and had to be plucked out!
You may also need some amount of pain killer for a day or two or seven! But actually, I found myself able to tolerate pain better as I got older and after a couple of days went to strong Motrin.
Right after a C section the body has allot of trapped gas, and they will give you pills which you should take! The pains are sharp, but if you gently bend over you may be able to release some of the trapped air(no kidding!
Well, all this may of course, God willing not be necessary. I wish you All the best B'shaah Tovah Umitzlachat!
Devorah M.

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