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Devorah Malek

Sorry you suffered a c section Judy. I hope by now the pain is bearable. I know you are overjoyed at your results! As far as operations go, besides 4 sections I've had a few~ 5 to be exact;lapband,hysterectomy,tubal ligation, knee surgery,and uterine embolization. Most involved terrible pain but I never associated the word 'dreaded' when it came to the c sections because I knew it was all a blessed process and I respected that. It really bothers me that you aren't more humble about this miracle you have been handed. May God help you in the days and years ahead.


I'm so glad that you and the babies are ok. David too!


Mazal Tov! I never wanted a c-section and I ended up with 3 of them... I hope your recovery is going well and you're adapting to the twin life and enjoying it too! I found you on babycenter's got twins board, I have two sets (and a singleton). It's a crazy fabulous, miraculous ride!

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